Inspirational Children's Books by
Educator and Author
Mamie Jefferson-Hill

Adventures of a Substitute Teacher

     Remember having a substitute teacher? Years ago children tried to get away with misbehaving or telling the Substitute that the teacher gives extra recess at the end of the day or she never gives homework. Those were harmless substitute shenanigans.  In recent years, children have taken the substitute concept to a whole new level. That means that kids are engaging in potential unsafe behavior, which is illustrated in this book. For example one situation tha happened a few years ago, was too graphic and horrible to put in this book. One day I told a third grade boy to focus on his work. He got angry and threw his pencil at the wall, it bounced off the wall and landed in a little girl's eye. I sent her to the nurse, so that she can flush the piece of lead out of her eye. There are other situations that will make children think about their actions. The purpose of this book is to make children realize that their are natural consequences. Children seem to think that if the teacher or their parents do nothing or don't see the behavior, than nothing will happen. This book teaches them that the rules exist for a reason. They see the natural consequences of not listening to their Teacher or Subsstitue Teacher or following the rules. This book will hopefully inspire children to think about improving their behavior.